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Saw Mill Services

Eager Beavers Sawmill is now open. For all your custom sawing and speciality wood needs. We have Red Oak, White Oak, Cherry, Cedar, Hickory, Popular and Maple. Most of our material is 1" thick and some slabs for the craftsman are 2/14" thick. Mantels are available in custom cut sizes.




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Mulch Now Available

Eager Beavers Tree Service Mulch Sales is now producing 100% All Natural Mulches.

 We now have Chocolate Brown Dyed Hardwood Mulch, Natural Brown Hardwood, Southern Red Cedar, Soil Conditioner.

Our mulch is ran through a screen that keeps it from having large odd ball size pieces mixed in it. Most mulches are sold by the scoop, we are selling by the yard.

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Crane Service

The safe removal of trees frequently requires the use of special equipment such as aerial lifts and cranes.

We use our cranes to remove trees from difficult and hard to reach areas. Unlike other methods, cranes lift and lower heavy pieces to the ground with little impact to lawns, plantings and structures. This eliminates the need to drive heavy trucks and equipment on lawns and planting beds. In every case our trained and experienced crews make sure to leave your property in nearly perfect condition.


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Lot Clearing

Eager Beavers Tree Service has equipment and experienced knowledgeable crews to make clearing a lot safe and easy. We work with costumers to remove unwanted growth, trees, and brush scrub. Our work with home owners and contractors has included clearing lots in preparation to break ground on new construction, pools, driveways and other structures.

We pride ourselves in providing the best quality workmanship with customer satisfaction being our number one priority. We offer skilled workmanship with modern day technology.

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Storm Damage and Emergency Services

The unpredictable Alabama weather yields a variety of elements that can take a toll on your trees. Lightning, tornado, high winds, or ICE can yield damage to your property. Eager Beavers Tree Service will ensure that the clean up goes smoothly and minimize any further damage to structures. We are able to use cranes, bobcats, dump trucks, and bucket trucks, allowing the clean-up to go quickly and safely. We also understand that emergency services can be a time sensitive matter and ensure an immediate response to

assist you under strenuous conditions.


If a tree on your property has been hit by lightning, it is essential that you have an expert address the damage quickly. Lightning-struck trees often have internal damage or severe cuts that could eventually kill the whole tree and make it harder to remove.

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Tree Removal

Trees can protect us from the elements, provide us with shade and give us a place to spend a lazy summer afternoon. However, like all living things, trees have a life expectancy and have a disposition to disease and decay. As they grow weak, they can become a hazard to your home and property. It may become necessary to remove a tree from your landscape.


Removing a tree may make sense when:

It is dead or dying.

It has become structurally unsound due to insects or disease.

It has a negative affect on other, more desirable plantings.

It may interfere with new construction.

It's root system is undermining other structures.

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